Breakfast & Lunch.

Croissant/Cookie + Coffee 45,-

Croissant 18,-

Chocolate Bun 22,-

With: Butter 24,-

Müsli Bun 24,-

With: Butter 26,- Cheese 32,-

Wholemeal Bun 18,-

With: Butter 20,- Pesto 23,- Cheese 25,-


Wholemeal Bun (choose between) 40,-

Goat's Cheese · Serrano · Chicken · Chorizo · Turkey · Hummus

1 Organic Egg + Rye Bread and Cheese 40,-

2 Organic Eggs + Rye Bread and Cheese 55,-

Tykmælk with homemade Müsli 35,-

Skyr with homemade Müsli 40,-


Homebaked Rye Bread with topping 45,-

Avocado and Pesto · Egg with Homemade Mayo · Potatoes with Homemade Mayo · Hummus and Apple with Homemade Pesto



Sandwiches 62,-

All sandwiches are homebaked with salad, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers and homemade pesto.

Chorizo and Cheese

Chicken and Potatoes

Serrano Ham

(Extra ingredients meat: 10,-)


Goat's Cheese

Turkey and Cheese

(Extra Cheese: 5,-)



Caesar Salad 68,-
Oven baked chicken with homemade dressing and croutons mixed with salad, tomatoes and parmesan.

Buffalo Salad 72,-
Buffalo mozzarella, wild tomatoes, basil, olives, pickled red onions and balsamic.

Goat Cheese Salad 72,-
Goat cheese, beetroot, pickled onions, olives, pesto, walnuts and honey.


Coffee & Tea

Double Espresso 24,-

Espresso Machiatto 28,-

Americano 25,-

Cortado 30,-

Cafe Olé 33,-

Cafe Latte small/large 30/35,-

Cappuccino small/large 30/35,-

Black Coffee To-Stay small/large 25/30,-

Black Coffee To-Go small/large 20/25,-


Hot Chocolate small/large 33/38,-

Chai Latte small/large 30/35,-

Cold Latte 36,-

Tea 27,-

Extra Espresso Shot 10,-


Soy Milk/Oat Milk 5,-


Extra Tea Water 10,-


Juices 44,-

Orange, Apple, Carrot and Ginger


Beetroot, Apple, Lemon, Carrot and Ginger

Grapefruit, Orange and Ginger

Spinach, Cucumber, Lemon and Apple


Smoothies 49,-

Orange, Strawberry and Banana

Apple, Raspberry and Apple


Orange, Apple, Pineapple and Banana


Avocado, Spinach, Apple and Ginger


Matcha, Ginger & Waters.

Ginger Shot 20,-

Ceremonial Matcha 35,-

Matcha Latte 40,-

Matcha Shot with Apple 40,-

Antons Organic Juice 28,-

Coca Cola/Zero 28,-

Sparkling Water 28,-

Still Water 18,-


Cakes & Sweets.

Ask your barista or look in the display for our daily selection of freshly baked cakes and sweets.

Cheese Cakes

Raw Balls

Homemade Bounty Bars

Power Muffins

Beauty Balls